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About Us

Awakened Dance 2024 Spring Showcase

Saturday May 18th, from 1:00-4:00pm

In the Great Hall at St Josephs Church of the Lakes

171 Elm Street in Lino Lakes MN 55014

Join us for a fun filled day of dance with presentations of Solos,

Group Formations, Freestyle Heats and Social Dancing.

Admission cost is $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door.

Later join us as we guest host a USA Dance Club Varitety Dance. Awakened Dance will be teaching a group class on Rumba 7:00-8:00pm, Disco themed Dance will follow from 8:00-10:30pm.

$10 USA Dance members, $15 for non-members/public.

About Us

Awakened Dance is devoted to developing human potential by partnership communication and self-discovery through dance.


Our mission is to inspire people by group and individual tailored goals to become comfortable within the movement of their own bodies. Using social partnership dancing, and individual expression by movement, we motivate and encourage others to use the skills they have learned from dance and to carry it into other aspects of their lives.

Creating dancing communities through conscious awareness of movement by united body, mind and spirit through dance.



Jennelle Donnay

Jennelle has been teaching, performing and creating dance communities throughout the Twin Cities since 2001.  Discovering dance at the tender age of three, she fell in love with the creative aspect of movement through choreography and performance of dance. For 15 years she studied Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet and soon developed a thirst for learning all styles of dance. After graduating from the Kay Koch School of Dance she furthered her love of dance by turning it into a career of teaching by sharing her passion of dance with others. Jennelle is a DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association) certified instructor with two decades of performance experience and teaching experience of Ballroom, Social Swing, Latin, and Country dancing.  Through performance and social dancing of a wide variety of dances she understands the non-verbal language of partnership dance that she uses to help students of any level to fulfill their dance goals.

 “It is an honor to teach and share my passion for dancing of all styles and levels ranging from preparing for special events like wedding dances, to becoming a skilled and aware social dancer and performer. It is my focus that through basic body mechanics, movement awareness and partnership connection that I can help to prepare and aid you to feel more comfortable on the dance floor and also within the movement of your own body. Understanding that everyone learns differently, I aim to help students through personally tailored goals to find their truth and breathe of their own movement. Recognizing dance as a creative outlet has life changing effects. From posture, to understanding the responsibility of each person’s role in developing the skill of partnership dancing language, we can develop self-esteem building tools that will enhance a healthier lifestyle. Together we can unite body, mind and spirit through dance.”-Jennelle

Michael Dinsmore

Mike started dancing in 2010 as a Birthday gift to himself, with the goal of learning how to dance for his Brothers wedding. His goals were to be a good leader socially dancing and most of all to have fun. Upon reaching his goals he discovered that dancing has made an impact in his life on and off the dance floor. By creating healthier choices through dance exercise and meeting new social communities Mike furthered his understanding of dance by taking his dance out on the town socially dancing. Understanding the language of partnership dance he decided to expand his knowledge through performance and by attending teacher training courses to learn the follower role to better help in his leading. Through this training he started to assist in classes furthering his awareness and understanding of both roles and now uses that understanding to teach others.
"Dance has changed my life and it can change yours too! By discovering how we can communicate with each other through our connection with one another through dance we can learn how to create and maintain healthy partnerships. Dance has given me self confidence and self awareness through performance and social dancing and it can influence a healthy lifestyle through exercise in a fun and easy way."- Mike


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Awakened Dance

Jennelle: 651-357-2060

Mike: 763-218-3096

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