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How We Teach

We provide 4 fun and easy ways to learn using a common sense approach through Private and Group instruction where we focus on connection through talking and listening to the non-verbal language of partnership dance. We also provide dance opportunities like our Practice Parties or Dancer Night Out's for you to use what you have been learning out on the social dance floor, meet new people, and experience socially dancing with those you have been learning with.

What We Teach

- Swing -

East Coast Swing (single,double,triple)

West Coast Swing

Swing Hustle (x3 & x4)



- Latin/Rhythm -


Cha Cha









Viennese Waltz
Quick Step

- Other-
Night Club Two-Step
Country Two-Step

Private Lessons



1-2 students (call for pricing)


This is a tailor made one hour lesson of dance instruction designed to provide individual attention to work specifically on personal goals. This is the most efficient and most effective way as the attention is completely on you. 


** These lessons are by appointment only so call to schedule your first lesson.



Group Classes



3-50 students, no partner needed to attend (call for pricing)


Group Classes are a great way to build basics by learning dance sequences through structured practice time used to develop the leading and following skills needed in partnership dance language while in a group setting.

** Classes are drop in, no pre-registration required, we offer 2 simple ways to pay for classes by offering Group Class Punch cards or pay as you go.   (CASH OR CHECK ONLY PLEASE) 


* Punch Cards can also be shared with other individuals, couples, or a friend. (1 punch per person)




Private Groups



3+ people (call for pricing)


These classes are designed for groups of people who would like to work with an instructor on specific group goals. Whether for group choreography for a wedding party, formation teams, or just working towards a shared dance goal this is a great way of creating community through dance. 


** These classes are arranged by appointment only.




Practice Parties



Includes Group class before party, no partner needed to attend, open to all levels (call for pricing)


Practice parties are a great way to practice what you are learning to a variety of music as well as providing a way to sample many dances as we provide the music and space from which you have been learning in. This serves as the social ice breaker for those still struggling to go out on the town social dancing. Practice Parties are a great way to meet people as well as providing an opportunity to learn and practice floor craft.


** Check our Calendar for Practice Party nights!




Dancers Night Out



Cover charge specific to each dance venue, no partner needed to attend, open to all levels (call for pricing)

Our Dancer Night Out happens once a month where we go out as a group to different dance venues through out the Twin Cities. This provides an opportunity to use your dancing with those you are learning with as well as a great way to meet other dancers. This is also a great opportunity to be exposed to the different venues you can go to use your dancing at.


** Check our Calendar for Dancer Night Out nights!




'nMotion Center for Performing Arts Classes



Interested in tap, jazz, hip hop and ballet? Check out the 'nMotion for classes for kids through adults!

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